* for greater intimacy, relatability and care

Hi, I’m Aniela, an Affinitive* Designer and Maker interested in relationships between us and objects + relationships that objects enable or disable us to have. 

I grew up in a folk house surrounded by nature far beyond my understanding. This experience started my fascination with a human capacity for meaning-making. From turning wood sticks into swords to making diamonds into symbols of love: I'm obsessed with stories and how they influence peoples engagement with the world.

I use speculative prototyping methods to explore complex relationships existing in the matter, often beyond its physicality. I'm interested in 
the spirit of things. I research value-adding approaches to sustainable design and ways
in which narratives can increase the longevity of stuff. My work is concerned with values that we locate in things and ways to improve our ability to care for them, for each other and the planet.

How can we create more meaningful, intimate, respectful and fulfilling relationships?
- How can we turn the insult of 'objectification' into a complement? 


I'm always open to working on new exciting projects. 


I'm a Royal Society of Arts Fellow (FRSA) and Maker in Residence at Cockpit Arts thanks to the generous support of the Radcliffe Trust.  In 2020, I completed MA Fashion Futures at the London College of Fashion, UAL, where I was awarded a distinction.

I was trained at Vivienne Westwood and previously worked with independent designers such as Mary Benson and Charles Jeffrey. In 2018 I won the prestigious Kering Award for Sustainable Fashion. My work was endorsed by Alexander McQueen, Centre for Sustainable Fashion, Deezen and Dutch Design Week.

Currently, I’m assisting Knowledge Exchange Team at the Centre for Sustainable Fashion (UAL).


The turbulent history of Poland and my personal experience taught me about the importance of vulnerability in listening and sharing stories and trust, about the power of making things relatable, the responsibility of both media and audience and about the dangers of simplistic mass communication. I see beauty in detail and I fear singular statements. I seek curiosity and care. Ever since I emigrated to UK, I was ashamed of my unpronounceable surname - some people also felt ashamed of not getting it right. Hence, I'm not interested in simplistic right answers and ease but in the importance and beauty of the enriching process of trying and failing and I'm obsessed with talking about it.

How to say my surname:


- Critically explore your craft, communication, attachment to your product, audience's perception of its value and care practices. Then, we can co-prototype and co-develop a design- alternative.

- Analyse and further research the emotional durability of your object, product, service, communication strategy and more.

- Explore alternative value-adding approaches that can be applied to increase the lifespan of your design.

- And more... let's chat!


If you want to explore some ideas together get in touch at aniela.fw@yahoo.com.

+44 (0) 7874013923

'The scarcest resource is not oil, metals, clean air, capital, labour, or technology. It is our willingness to listen to each other and learn from each other and to seek the truth rather than seek to be right'

- Donatella Meadows



Burges Salmon | Jun 2021

Green Week - inspirational

London Design Biennale | Jun 2021
Design in an Age of Crisis - group exhibition

Other Day | Dec 2020







Dutch Design Week x Deezen | Oct 2020
Interview ’The New Intimacy - Stories of a Product’












Dutch Design Week #DDW20 | Oct 2020
Diamond Makers Lab included in Connected Living virtual tour

Future Laboratory | Oct 2020
Luxury Hospitality Report 2020

ViewPoint Colour N. 8 | Sep 2020

Radical Sustainabilities | Aug 2020
Guest Speaker: LCF x Fashion Roundtable

Dezeen | Jun 2020
Article: Aniela Fidler envisions shop where sentimental objects are transformed into diamonds

Gdynia Design Days | Jun 2019
Guest Speaker: The sustainable innovation

Hand & Lock | Feb 2019

MODUAL | Aug 2019
Workshop Pod leader: UAL
x The Glasgow School of Art x Sommerset House

VOGUE PL | Dec 2018
Dla zrównoważonej mody nie ma już alternatywy

ELLE UK | Sep 2018
The Faces Of Fashion's Sustainable Future


Radcliffe Emerging
Maker Award
| Aug 2021
Studio at Cockpit Arts 


RSA Student

Design Awards Winner | Apr 2021 

’For the Long Time’


Lexus Design Award Semi - Finalist | Dec 2020
Digital Innovation 'Design for a Better Tomorrow’

Kering Awards for Sustainable Fashion

x CSF Winner | Dec 2018